Photography is my way of connecting with the world. It feeds my curiosity and my thirst for learning.
 I have a Masters degree in Linguistics and Stylistics from the University of Toronto. I wish I could say that I have also attended and learned my craft at the New York and Sorbonne Schools of Photography, but in fact I am a self-taught photographer. Further to attending a few seminars and joining the Toronto Camera Club, I voraciously read books, magazines and websites to learn from the Masters. I am inspired by Sebastiao Salgado, Michael Kenna, Amsel Adams, Steve McCurry  and  the artistry of the french Photo and B&W.

To combine my passion of photography with my love for travelling the world is a dream come true. I savour immersing my senses in the ancient cultures of India and China, participating in the greatest show on earth of the Rio Carnival, climbing Machu Picchu, exploring the rainforest of the Amazon or simply strolling the Canadian forest in the fall.

I’ve had the honour of sharing my work at various galleries and shows. This website is one more way to share my vision, connect with the world and perhaps inspire other photographers.